Joining a union

Unions help workers get together, stop people being treated unfairly and get a better deal from their employers.

Unions are the voice of Britain at work. More than six million people have joined a union – from nurses to checkout assistants to lorry drivers to airline pilots.

They are for you when times are tough, even providing free legal advice if you need it. There are lots of discounts and offers for union members too. And every year they help more than 200,000 people get the training and learning opportunities they need to move on in their career. Isn’t it time you joined a union?

Three things to think about when deciding which union to join

1. It’s always a good to join a union that’s already active where you work – ask your colleagues or look for clues like a union noticeboard

2. Some jobs (like firefighters) have unions that look after them specifically. Other jobs don’t – but they are looked after just as well by general unions, who have specialist sections.

3. There is strength in numbers. So why not see if your friends and colleagues at work want to join up to a union too, and all do it together.

Isn’t it time you joined a union? button_join-a-union

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